The coronavirus pandemic has truly been a watershed event, not only for the financial industry, but for the world at large. Many had plans and goals they wanted to achieve before the year was out, but they had to stop. Some businesses had to declare bankruptcy, and people lost their jobs.

Former Chief of Staff and Bitcoin supporter Donald Trump now has a hedge fund

Like all sectors of the global economy, the financial sector has also been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Countries are struggling to keep their economies afloat, while people have sought ways to stay solvent

Needless to say, stock markets and financial institutions around the world are exceptionally vulnerable at this time. This is a level of danger that the world has never seen before. Even the global financial crisis of 2008 could not prepare us for the impact that COVID-19 would have on the world economy.

However, one sector that has so far managed to weather the storm is the crypto-currency market. While Bitcoin (BTC) fell to USD 3,800 in March, the value of the most important crypto currency managed to increase and consolidate faster than any other investment vehicle in the world.

One of the first bitcoiners sold BTC on eBay with a 100% profit margin in 2015

The stock market has just begun its recovery and alternative assets remain in their eternal state of volatility. The crypto currencies, however, have become stronger.

Understanding the Types of Investors in Crypt Currencies
When it comes to investors in crypto currencies, there are basically two types:

Retail investors: ordinary people who seek to buy cryptomonies for various reasons, especially as investments and payment methods.
Institutional investors: people and companies with high purchasing power who seek to speculate and invest in the assets.
Many can argue about how retail investors have reacted to Bitcoin over the course of the pandemic, using data to back up their actions. However, institutional demand is much easier to measure.

Fortunately, it appears that institutional demand for Bitcoin Billionaire, and other cryptosystems, is at an optimal level.